SAVE Nearly 25% on Snowmobiling Packages: Singles Getaway to Western Maine’s Lakes & Mountains, Kennebec Valley and the Maine Highlands.

SAVE Nearly 25% on Snowmobiling Packages: Singles Getaway to Western Maine’s Lakes & Mountains, Kennebec Valley and the Maine Highlands.

The SINGLES' 3-4-6 Plan SAVES 24%:
Three days of riding and four nights of lodging for six singles, with individual beds, five bathrooms, plus huge shared living, dining, kitchen, and laundry facilities, as well as a covered porch in the SledHead Chalet…just $1620 per person with individual “1-up” sleds.


See photos of the SledHead Chalet here:

SledHead Chalet


SledHead Ventures provides escorted snowmobile adventures, designed for first-time to intermediate-level snowmobilers, in the Maine Wilderness, with an experienced Registered Maine Guide who ensures that each client has a safe, comfortable, and memorable snowmobiling journey. Your adventure will take you on unique routes through the forests, mountains and river valleys of the Kennebec River Valley and the Maine Highlands in western Maine. This area offers the best of Maine's 14,000 miles of snowmobile trails- consistent snow coverage and machine groomed trails, yet without bitter cold temperatures. Around each corner you will see something new - a moose, a waterfall, or a cabin from the 1800s. Please see for videos, photos, and all the details.

Snowmobile trail conditions during the early and late snowmobiling season tend be considerably better once you travel north of the town of The Forks, so we are located about halfway between The Forks and Jackman, right on US Route 201.  ITS 89 and ITS 87, both state-funded groomed trails, are right out the backdoor of our partner lodge which also sits on the shores of Parlin Pond.  Our guide provides snowmobiles at your doorstep and lives onsite, next door to the lodge.  Several snowmobile groomers are based at the lodge, which also boasts sled gas on site, great cell coverage, wifi, as well as an outstanding restaurant and pub, so all the services you will want are right there where you need them.

You won't find a better value than SledHead Ventures packaged plans, which allow you to take advantage of discounted snowmobile rentals and lodging, as well as all the other amenities listed below, by purchasing in volume. Additionally, you will find that paying one price for all of your touring services makes life in the wintery wilderness much more relaxing during your vacation adventure.

Every SledHead Ventures vacation package at our partner lodge includes the following:

* Full time escort by a licensed "Registered Maine Guide" from the time you arrive at the lodge, until the morning you depart.

* Hot-cooked hearty breakfasts, including your departure day.

* Snacks and drinks during breaks along the trails.

* Lodging (pillow top mattresses, DISH satellite flatscreens, bathrooms with heated tiled floors).

* Comfortable, well-equipped snowmobile, including all fuel.

* Outer Clothing- excellent quality and condition: Boots, cold weather bib overalls, heavy jacket, gloves, mittens, and balaklava (hat/hood/scarf combo), full-face helmet, electric defog visor.

* Paid-up annual membership in local snowmobile club. (Provides fuel for volunteer-driven trail grooming machines, aka "Groomers", that provide us with outstanding riding surfaces.)

* Free laundry service.

* Free Hi-Speed Wifi in the lodge, restaurant and pub.

* Souvenir photo disc or online cloud storage.

* All tips and taxes are included in pricing.